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Websites are a very essential component of having an online presence. Though social media has allowed people to grow their audience or following, a website could be your home for them.

In having one puts you in the position to display your personal brand, your likes/dislikes, or your pets online. It’s a great way to start a fashion blog, cultivate a following, start affiliate marketing, and more. If you thought that was where the list ends for the benefits of having a website well think again.



A website for your online presence allows you to track and grow your audience fast. Through SEO which is Search Engine Optimization, it allows you to get your website ranking high in search engines like Google, Bing, and more. Imagine the traffic your site would bring in if it was one of the top most searched sites on Google. The influence you have would have grown tenfold by that time and being getting noticed would no longer be an issue.

A Digital Safe

The last point for a website would be the ability to keep your information and possibly restart if necessary. If your social media pages are taken down (and that is your main source of income) it would be hard to keep that following unless you’re a megastar already. A website is a great way to keep your following intact. The site could be taken down but you could have an email list of your loyal followers and your new site or backup one.